Poker Tournaments That Took Place in Atlantic City During 2010

Undoubtedly one of the world’s finest gambling capitals, the poker fraternity enjoyed a number of poker tournaments in Atlantic City in 2010. An online search for prestigious poker tournaments taking place during that year however will not reveal a great number of results; the 2010 WSOP wasn’t due to stop in Atlantic City until 2011, and no other high-key events were due to take place.

However, Atlantic City is a hub of poker activity, and the numerous casinos dotted around the city hosted a number of their own lower-key tournaments.

Caesars, Harrah’s, Tropicana and the Trump Taj Mahal all continued hosting plenty of their own affordable buy-in events. For example, every Sunday the Tropicana hosted its usual $50 No Limit Hold’em tournament with an entry fee of $12. On the other hand, Harrah’s daily $58 buy-in with $12 entry fee also took place. During the same year, the Borgata continued to host its usual mix of higher buy-in poker tournaments of around $300-400 per event.

Many players earned themselves entry into one of the higher buy-in poker tournaments in Atlantic City in 2010 by successfully competing in satellite games. Indeed, many casinos in the New Jersey state city host regular satellites, whose victorious players earn themselves entry into one of the more expensive poker tournaments that take place in Atlantic City on a regular basis.

While it is true to say that poker tournaments in Atlantic City in 2010 experienced somewhat of a quiet spell, the major action took place shortly afterward during the first part of 2011 in the guise of the World Series of Poker.

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