Need advice on a poker tournament blind structure calculator?

If you are hosting a home poker tournament, you might want to consider using a poker tournament blind structure calculator. These are a helpful addition to any home poker tournament because they keep the game rolling and ensure that it won’t be too short or drag on all night. You can find a poker tournament blind structure calculator online.

pokersoup.com is a good starting point. Simply enter the number of players, how long you want the tournament to last, the smallest chip denomination, the starting amount of chips and how long you want each round to last, and it will automatically come up with the best suggestion. It also has advanced options so you can include antes, add-ons and rebuys. This is a good website to use for a range of blind structure suggestions.

blindvalet.com is another excellent site to use. They have a blind structure calculator similar to the one at Pokersoup, but they also have a suggested payout structure and poker clock - ideal for tournaments at home. You simply fill in the required information under blind structure. That's the number of people playing, the duration, level time, rebuys, antes etc. You can then start the poker clock as you are playing the tournament and it keeps track of active players, rebuys, add-ons, blinds, antes, average stack and pay out structure. It sets off a noise when blinds are due to rise. At the end of the tournament, simply click on Payout Structure and it will give the suggest what place gets what from the prizepool.


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