Chip thief faces jail time

The story goes that Ashley Mitchell became addicted to online gambling so he broke into Zynga's system and started stealing chips. He wasn't subtle about it though; upward of 400 billion virtual poker chips had been stolen. Unsurprisingly this is what tipped Zynga off. The sheer amount was a bit of a giveaway Ashley, you should have shown a little more restraint with the amount you decided to steal.

He posed as an administrator for the game on Facebook to get at their security system. He also set up numerous accounts to try and make himself untraceable. The poker chips have a whopping £12m value but because Michael only managed to get about £53,000 out before he was caught he won't be paying £12m, lucky boy!

He sold about one third of the 400 billion chips at £430 per billion pound bundle. He claim he grew addicted to Zynga and that's when he realised he had to get himself some freebies.

Unfortunately these freebies go against the very nature of all things free, they actually cost him a huge fine and he is looking at a lengthy stint in the clink. Next time maybe he won't be so grabby!

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