Poker Table Cloths

So you have been playing poker at your place for a few months now and you love the game. Every weekend you get your mates over, crack a few beers and play all night. Poker is a great game to play at home but a lot of people leave out the little things that really make it an experience.

If you have decided to upgrade then a poker table cloth should be one of the first purchases on your list. A poker table cloth has all the markings that you would find at a pro table. Dealer slots, player slots, a marked flop zone and many other markers. A good cloth can generally handle a few different games too so if you are more of a seven card stud guy then there should be markings for that too, same goes for Omaha high.

This can vastly improve the experience and most cloths come with an entire set. A lot of people use made up chips like match sticks and what not. With a pro set you will get dealer chips, a good stack of play chips and even poker dice.

To improve your game and learn a few new tips and strategies why not play some mobile poker games on your phone, you can also download poker too for some extra fun.

The table cloth does not only serve aesthetically it is also massively functional and generally brings a whole pro feeling to games played in the home. They are never too expensive and make great Christmas gifts so check them out today!

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