Buy poker supplies in Australia!

Texas hold’em is played all round the world. It is also becoming more and more popular in Australia. If you are in Australia and want to host your own poker nights, you will need the right supplies. Here are a few ideas of where best to get poker supplies in Australia.

Novapoker.com.au is a great place to find everything you will need for a good poker night. They have tables ranging from $99 to over $600. Their offers on chips are also very good - $65 will get you a 300 14g clay composite chip set with two decks of cards, dice and a dealer button in an aluminium case. Add $30 and upgrade to a 500 chip set.

They have many accessories that are worth a look, from chip cases and poker hats to trophies and cup holders. They offer great value on combo packs that include everything you need to get started, including a foldable table, chip set, cards, card shuffler, digital dealer button, poker visor and a poker DVD for just $224.

Iconicpokersupplies.com.au have a huge range of poker supplies on offer. They have everything you could need or want for your game at very competitive prices. Their packages are good: you can get a large foldable table, a 500 chip set, two packs of cards, a dealer button and cut card for $305. They also offer customised chips - so you can hold a poker night with your own name and emblem of your choice, which is a nice touch!

One word of caution: when buying poker supplies, we recommend that you steer clear of automatic card shufflers: they are noisy, most don’t work well, and simply put, they're just a pain. If you get one as part of a bundle, don’t open it and put it straight on eBay for some sucker to buy!


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