Learn about poker rules and hands

Poker is a game played around the world and enjoyed by millions, with Texas hold’em being probably the most commonly played version. There is a lot to poker and a lot of rules are a little complex. It is especially hard because there are many variations of the game and different tournaments will often have different rules. Here are a few FAQs answered on poker rules and hands...

When and why do you burn cards?

Burning cards is used to prevent cheating in poker and can be used in case of dealing mistakes - like if a card is accidently dealt face up, it can become the burned card. In texas hold’em, three cards are burned. One before the flop, one before the turn and one before the river.

Can a straight run through the Ace to lower value cards?

It’s surprising how often this question comes up with new people to the game. A straight can run up to the Ace or start at the Ace but can’t go through. Queen, King, Ace, 2, 3 is not a straight. Ace to 5 is a straight or 10 to Ace is a straight. Aces can be valued as low when it comes to an Ace – 5 straight.

What do you do if you are dealing and a card is accidently dealt face up?

If you are playing at home you can decide to treat this anyway you want. The most common way is if it is one of the first few cards dealt, the cards are simply put back and re dealt. If it is further in the deal (towards the end) the dealer continues the deal and then replaces the flipped over card for the card at the top of the deck. The flipped card now acts as the first burned card.


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