Poker advocacy: what is Poker Players Alliance (PPA)?

Poker Players Alliance (PPA) is a nonprofit, membership organisation formed in 2005 to give poker players a voice in the United States. The organisation advocates for poker players’ rights with a mission statement to establish favourable laws that assure players and enthusiasts a secure, safe and regulated place to play the game.


Generally, playing poker in one’s home and in social gatherings in the US is legal in most states, but not in all. Poker Players Alliance marshals poker players and enthusiasts together to speak for their rights in one voice and promote the game. The alliance has a large and credible lobbying presence in Washington where it continuously advocates for the gaming industry in the country.

PPA has backed numerous bills in congress over the years and helped coordinate milestone activities in the US, such as the "National Poker Week" (July 2009),"PPA Fly-In" (October 2007) and "Write Your Congressmen Day" (June, 2006). The "PPA Fly-In," for example, comprised of nearly 100 members who flew to Washington D.C. to lobby congress for poker rights, including three pending Internet gambling bills that were in House committees at the time.

PPA advocates through awareness and education that poker is not gambling, but a game of skill that should be free for all and not hampered by misguided laws. Out of necessity, the alliance is always looking for more members to join in order to strengthen its voice. Several of its members are well-known professional poker players with many poker enthusiasts also in the fold.


Membership to the Poker Players Alliance if open to anyone interested. The fact that the PPA is a nonprofit advocacy group should encourage you to give the group a lot more leeway than regular poker communities, websites or other services out there. You should be proud to lend your support for it if you love poker. Besides, there are perks that come with joining the group, such as access to online discounts that you can only get if you are a PPA member.

Contact the PPA to learn more about the organization and membership:

Phone: 1-888-448-4PPA (4772)

Email: email@theppa.org

Website: http://theppa.org/

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