Want to find poker to play for free online?

If you think that you might like to get into poker, but don't want to start risking your hard earned money in order to learn, we recommend that you take a look at some of the excellent websites out there that have poker to play for free online. While it doesn't come with the same sense of risk and reward that you'll find from the paid games, these sites will prove to be an excellent help for anyone out there who really wants to start to learn the sport, with an eye on competing for real money down the line.

Most free play poker sites are usually based around online interfaces, meaning that you don't have to download large software, or wait around while your account is approved or anything like that. Obviously this is great news, since the less barriers between you and getting involved in the game the better.

With so many sites to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming for the beginner, but we recommend that you stick to the tried and tested names out there, such as pokerstars.net.

Poker Stars is the world's biggest poker website, and it has a huge number of of excellent resources available beyond simply playing the game. You can choose to jump right in and start playing for fun if you like, but you'll be much better off if you stop to have a read of some of the great tutorials and hints and tips from some of the world's best known players.

If you don't like the Poker Stars set up, there are plenty more sites to choose from including;

  • planetpoker.com
  • thepokerpractice.com
  • partypoker.com
  • thefreepokerroom.com
  • nopaypoker.com

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