Poker opening hands; when should you risk it?

When it comes to Texas Hold'em poker your opening hands are what can win or loose you the game. Sometimes you should go in, other times it might not be the right move. We are here to help you understand when it is a good move to play or when you should throw your hand.

Ace Pair: With a pair of aces you are giving yourself a serious advantage to begin with. One more ace and you have amazing trips, three of the same number or face card and you have a great full house, even having the highest available pair is a great advantage. If you start with pocket aces you are a shoe-in to win some cash as long as you play right.

Face Card Pair: With any face card pair you are again at a huge advantage. Full house possibilities, high pairs and trips or 4's will put you a head in the game. Again, it all depends on how the flop works out but at least these are worth playing.

Suited King/Ace, Face cards or 10/J: Any of these cards as long as they are suited give you a great possibility of a great straight flush. If you run to the ace you basically have the best hand in the game.

Un suited runs: Making any number run (5-6-7-8-9) is also a great hand but, it usually doesn't pay off if you are looking for it. If you start with a 5/6 or 2/3 etc.  then you should definitely throw your cards, the same goes for random cards or low pairs.

There you have it, try to play your strong hands cleverly to make sure you get the most out of them. Any poker opening hands that are too low or your aren't feeling should not be played.

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