Best Poker Odds Calculator App

A poker odds calculator app is used to calculator the odds of a poker game. You can usually use these calculators in whatever game you are playing; it isn't dependant on a certain site, or platform. Normally, the calculator will allow you to manually input variables, then output the odds of the game to allow you to make real-time decisions.

Important Features

For a poker odds calculator app to work effectively, it should ideally have a quick input and output system to allow you to play games and make decisions quickly. The best apps allow for manual input of variables and other potentials, such as creating room for a 'flop' or different turn.

Poker Odds Calculator App Websites

There are a few online websites claiming to have the best poker odds calculator apps, but we've listed a few that have been cited on several review sites as the best on the web:

  • Cardplayer.com: This app helps you understand how cards stack up against each other. You can select the number of players, give them cards and click 'calculate', where the app will give you a risk percentage. You can also accomodate for flops or turns.
  • Pokerlistings.com Pokerlistings has an app for Texas Hold'em, allowing you calculate odds for up to five Texas Hold'em hands against each other, before the flop, after the flop and after the turn.
  • Twodimes.net: Twodimes uses a poker odds calculator that isn't graphically based but consists of more variables and commands to create an accurate percentage. This app accomodates for a wide variety of poker games but requires more information, such as all the hands and board cards or dead cards. However, if you have the hand history for your game, you can copy this into the Twodimes app and let it automatically calculate the odds for you.

Mobile Apps

You can also find a poker odds calculator app for mobile. Poker Ace and Phil Hellmuth's Poker App are just some examples of the various mobile apps you can obtain, but many have not been reviewed by customers. You can visit your Android Market app on your mobile, or the mobile Google Play site, to find the top rated poker apps and download then instantly.

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