A guide to poker nights

Hosting poker nights is great for catching up with friends and having a bit of fun. Whether you are a rookie or a pro, it can be a great way to spend an evening.

The most important factor for a good poker night is having people to play! Organise numbers in advance so you know how many chairs and chips you need. For a good night you'll need as little as six players - up to as many people as can fit into your house.

Check out blindvalet.com. This website is fantastic for home poker games and tournaments. Simply select Poker Clock, enter how many people are playing, how long you want the game to last, how often the blinds will go up, whether you want to play with antes or not, whether there are rebuys and add ons or not, chip denominations, starting stacks and fill in the chip distribution section. Once this is complete click the Payout Structure tab and select how many people you want to get paid from the pot. All this takes two or three minutes and will ensure that the tournament runs smoothly. Once this is done, click the Poker Clock tab, shuffle up and deal.

The poker clock keeps track of blind levels, active players, average stack size, the number of eliminations, the number of buy ins and the number of add ons. As people buy in or buy add ons, the poker clock will automatically update the prize pool for how many people get paid. Once the game is over, click the Payout Structure tab and see the final prize pool.

One final tip: if you have lots of people playing, ensure that you have enough chips and a couple of extra decks of cards in case cards are damaged during the game.

For a hassle free poker night, why not play free online poker at poker.bwin.com?

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