Poker Skills: How to Steal Blinds

We all have been in that situation where you are quickly running out of chips as the blinds steadily increase and you cannot get a decent hand. You can avoid this situation altogether in poker by learning how to steal blinds throughout a game. These stolen blinds will keep you in a game when the good cards dry up.

A Very Necessary Skill

For game winning poker, knowing how to steal blinds will hugely improve your chances of making it to the final table in tournaments and challenging at any table to take away a lot of money. The best thing about stealing blinds is that every time you do it you not only get a chip boost but others at the table lose a little bit of their stack as well.

Stealing chips 101 states that the earlier you remove your opponents from a hand the greater the chance you can take the blinds. This means raising early and hoping that the other players fold immediately. This is not something you want to do when you have a great hand as it will hurt your earning power.

Your table position can often help you steal blinds but that also depends on how aggressive others at the table are in trying to steal blinds of their own. If you are last after the blinds or you are small blind you will often find yourself in a position where everybody else has folded and it comes to you. A raise here is a powerful move and puts pressure on the the big blind to have decent hole cards to call you.

Less is Definitely More

Stealing blinds well effectively means picking your battles. In any poker game, knowing how to steal blinds also means knowing that you cannot possibly steal all the blinds. If you try this then the others at the table will immediately know that you are raising with questionable cards. This puts the power in their hand and the next time they get a decent pair or suited cards they could call you and seriously damage your stack.

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