Improve Your Poker Skills: How to Steal a Hand

When playing poker there are two styles you can choose to play. The first way is to play the odds straight up based on the hand you are dealt and only play hands you have a chance of taking. The second way, the more exciting way, is to play poker! Learn how to steal a hand when you don't have decent cards in your hand and you become a much more dangerous player.

Big Risk, Big Reward

Stealing a hand can be done a number of ways. The most basic way is to string a number of continuation bets together, increasing at an appropriate rate, regardless of what you are holding. This sends out the message that you feel good about your hand and will scare a lot of players away. This is a dangerous strategy when an opponent has the nuts but remember, you can stop whenever you feel your oponent is holding a winning hand.

Key to stealing any hand are the cards on the table in a given hand as well as your opponents reaction to the as they get turned over. If the table shows cards that make a straight or a flush possible then you can often represent as having an amazing hand without having anything.

Your playing style will also influence how the other players at the table react to you representing a good hand. It is much easier to steal a hand when you are playing tight in a game and then suddenly you begin to string bets together on a growing pot without backing down from calls.

In poker, knowing how to steal a hand in a situation where you have a terrible hand and the odds are stacked against you has a number of benefits to your overall game. It requires a bit of skill and practice but once you master it there is no other rush like it.

2 Fold Benefits

In poker, knowing how to steal a hand will boost your chances of winning big for a couple of reasons. The first is the obvious one where you can take a pot that you have no claim to thus boosting your chip stack. No poker player I know would ever refuse a bigger stack. Secondly, and arguably more important to your poker game, you can establish a betting pattern that you can use to great effect when you actually do have something worthwhile in your hand.

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