Gain an Advantage with a Poker Hands Percentages Calculator

A poker hands percentages calculator could be the missing link between making you a good poker player rather than one that is often unlucky. There are plenty of calculator resources available to you both online and in app form for your phone so lets run through a few options which might suit your style of play.

Advantages of a Calculator

Poker is very much a game of many skills and one of these skills involves being able to calculate the liklihood that you can catch the card you need to make a killer hand or not. Many online players use calculators to determine what percentage chance they have of taking a pot and then they factor this into their decision of how to proceed.

If you have ever been involved in a hand where your opponent has suddenly laid down rather than called you on the final card then the chances are that they looked at the odds and didn't fancy paying for what essentially amounted to a long shot.

If you are looking for an online poker hands percentages calculator then there is a reliable free one to be found at www.cardplayer.com. This is a quick and easy method of calculating your hand odds and you simply deal out the hands involved in your hand and you will get back your odds.

Another useful free online poker odds calculator can be located at twodimes.net/poker. This calculator is not as interactive as the one at card player but it is a quick and dirty way of getting an insight into your chances in a given hand.

A Calculator in Your Palm

There are also a number of options for poker hands percentages calculator on your smart phone and one of the best apps available is Poker Calculator from Perun Labs. It is nifty in that you don't even need to include all cards to get an odds reading. Other apps in this genre include Free Poker Calculator and Poker Equity Calculator.

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