What is the poker hands order?

Before playing poker, the first and most important thing to learn is the poker hands order. You will find it extremely hard to play if you don’t learn this! Luckily, there isn’t that much to remember. This list is under the assumption you are playing texas hold’em, draw, stud or Omaha. Starting from lowest hands to strongest hands:

1- High Card - High card is simply you playing your highest card. You have no pairs, straight or flush. Not a strong hand at all but can still win.

2- Pair - Your hand has a pair in it, two values the same. For example, a pair of Jacks.

3- Two Pair – Your hand contains two pairs.

4- Three of a kind - Your hand has three values the same. For example, three 7s.

5- Straight - All five cards in your hand are in sequence. For example 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

6- Flush - All five cards in your hand are the same suit. They don’t have to be in any order - just all of the same suit.

7- Full House. A full house is a hand that contains both a three of a kind and a pair. For example, three Jacks and two 8s.

8- Four of a kind. Four of a kind is a very strong hand. Your hand contains all four cards of the same value. For example four Kings or four Aces.

9- Straight Flush. A straight flush is when all your cards are in sequence, like in a straight, but they must be all of the same suit as well. For example 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack all of the same suit.

A Royal Flush just a name given to the highest straight flush possible. An Ace high straight flush is known as a royal flush.


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