Poker hands FAQs

Poker is an epic game, whether you like a little flutter once in a while or attend tournaments regularly. If you are new to the game here are a few questions answered on poker hands...

What beats what in hold’em?

There are 9 types of hands: high card, pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind and straight flush. They are in order from weakest to strongest, full house beats flush, three of a kind beats two pair etc. The best hand is an Ace high straight flush (Royal Flush).

If two players have the same two pairs is the pot split?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. When this situation comes up, the winner is decided by the next highest card. This is the kicker. Imagine player one has Ace, Ten. Player two has Ace, Eight. If the flop shows Ace, King, King, Three and Two, player one wins. They have two pair (Aces and Kings) with a Ten kicker. If the flop showed Ace, King, King, Jack and two, it is a split pot because both players have two pair (Aces and Kings) and a Jack kicker.

In a full house how do you tell the winner? Better pair or three of kind?

The better three of a kind wins in a full house. For example, when player one has a full house with three Sevens and two Threes, and player two has three Sixes and two Aces - although the Aces are higher than both Sevens and Threes - the best trips win, so player one will win because he has the better trips with Sevens.

Is Ace always high or can it be low?

Generally Aces are high but can be low for an A-Five straight. You can have a straight that runs from Ten-A, so Ace is high.


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