Are You Searching For a Poker Chips Wiki?

If you're a poker lover or just someone who is interested in the game, you may find a poker chips wiki interesting. There is one site online that has become synonymous with the idea of wikis and that's Wikipedia.org. The information here is all user submitted, and users are able to edit or add information where needed. This means that experts on all fields can share their information with other Internet users.

The poker chips wiki can be found on this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poker_chip, and once you're here you're going to be amazed at the amount of information that's available. This page covers the construction and design - did you know that the exact method used to make poker chips is a trade secret? - and even the colours used for the chips.

There's also a section on security, and the measures casinos use to distinguish their chips from that of other casinos. Casino's are generally not allowed to let players cash in chips from other casinos, and the only exception to this rule is in Nevada.

The external links section has some interesting links to related pages, so if you're looking for more info you can see where to go at a single glance. There's also related sections listed here that you may want to check out and these include the page on casino tokens and chip tricks.

It doesn't matter what information you need, whether it's about poker games, poker rules, places to play poker or even poker chips, the Net has it all!

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