Poker Chairs

Have you been finding it hard to play poker while standing? Have you been eyeing up your comfortable looking friends wondering how they stay so cool? The answer is simple, a poker chair.

Well if it took you this long to realise that you are the only one standing at the poker table, maybe this game isn't for you! Poker takes intelligence, cunning and a keen eye, not some chump standing around complaining about his back while his friends make fun of him. Shake that chump-like exterior and get yourself a poker chair.

There are three main types of poker chairs that suit different styles of poker environments. If you throw the poker mat over your dining table then the poker dining table chair should do the job. It is a sleek leather and wood combo that would look good at any dining table.

If you play on a round mahogany office style table then the shorter leather and wood chair should be spot on. It has wheels on it so it can be used effectively as an office chair.

Last but not least is the slider under table chair. These are well suited to a round style table with a poker light hanging above. They have that poker in the basement look and are comfortable to play on and easy to put away.

When it comes to poker focus is key, if you are comfortable then you can focus, comfort = chair!

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