What is a poker bot?

Poker robots, poker bots or simply bots, are computer programs specially designed to play the game of poker. Fully user-configurable, in online games and tournament the pokerbots can indeed replace human opponents and play on our behalf, just as we have instructed them to do. But are they fairplay and how does a poker bot work?

Automated players

Pokerbot are completely self-contained, meaning that they can work on their own on any computer without having to install other programs.They are also fully user-configurable, which means that the bots can be instructed to play however the user wants them to: they can be programmed in how to behave in certain situations. They also come with ready-made profiles available, targeting different game types. Whichever the case, they play expert-level poker, while keeping their 'identity' hidden to other players, simply by selecting the 'hide' option.

There is a lot of talking about poker robots at the moment, as their presence in the online games seems to be overwhelming. The problem is that, although many bots producers state differently, poker bots used to win cash over human, unknowing opponents, can be a fraud.

The problem is that bot not only can play more than one table at the time, just as a human player could, but they can link in groups, running on the same server and playing at the same table, sharing their hole cards with each other.

So it's not really that the bot is always smarter than a human player, but it definitely can be a cheat in ways that a real player is not allowed to. This is why bots are not welcome in online casinos where real money is at stake.

Not very welcome

Online casinos invest quite a lot of resources on keeping cheating bots off their tables. Some, however, seem to be paired up with the companies producing and selling poker bots, so that their use is allowed. If you are thinking of buying and using a poker bot, always check with their makers were they are safe to use.

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