Poker Blind Timer Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android: a review

Have you ever been caught out on poker nights by quickly changing blinds? This often results in waiting too long to play your stack while it packed more punch. Blinds are something that are essential to a poker game so having a poker blind timer app on your phone could be exactly what you need to alert you and your poker buddies to the amount of time you each have left to seize a hand while your stack is in a healthy state.

Accurate Blind Changes

A really nicely designed blind timer app available on iOS called PokerTimer, by developer Birdsoft LLCView, gives you all the basics on a clean screen. It is easy to program the settings to suit any poker game and the majority of the screen is dedicated to a large countdown timer with the blinds and ante being displayed right below.

Another iPhone or iPad blind timer option is Poker Blind Timer HD Lite by Tommy Kammerer. This app has all the relevant information on screen for your poker nights. The timer is not as prominent as it is on the other apps discussed here but it functions well all the same. One drawback though is an inability to create your own custom tournaments so you are limited to pre-programmed tournament setups.

As for poker blind timer app options available on Android, you are are pretty much spoiled for choice. Ultimate Holdem Timer by APT provides everything you need to track blind changes perfectly. A blind counter sits prominently in the middle of the screen with blind information on the left and current ante on the right. You can also program the times of upcoming breaks to alert the table to break time.

Also available on Android is Poker Blinds Dealer by Michelangelo Lacatena. This app boasts a very stylish display where you can view a blinds timer, big blind, little blind and ante as well as being able to set blinds up to move at 3 speeds - normal, fast and turbo.

A Touch of Class

Downloading one of these poker blind timer app options to your device really adds to a poker night or tournament. Having all the information available to you might make you look at a hand very differently knowing that your stack is diminishing because of the blinds. Playing while aware of the clock too is great practice for real tournaments as it mimics professional poker environments.

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