Where to play poker online for free

In recent years, playing poker online has become one of the biggest hobbies - and, indeed, biggest businesses - to grow out of the internet. People from all walks of life, from all countries of the world, have alike been attracted to the thrill of the wonderfully simple game - and some have even managed to make a small fortune out of being successful at it.

For those of us who are not interested in playing for money, however, or those who wish to practise and improve their games in anticipation of later staking money on their talents and senses of good luck, where can you play poker online for free?

The ever popular website Games.com features a substantial selection of ways to play various poker games online for free, including Seven Card Stud, Texas Hold'em, Five Card Draw and Omaha.

It's possible to play either alone, against a computer, or with other people, in one of the hundreds of possible rooms hosted on the site. Admittedly, many of these are empty, but you'll always find several of them with a substantial number of people waiting for a game, at any time of the day or night.

If you're just looking to play practice poker online for free in preparation for more serious competitions, the excellent website ThePokerPractice.com offers an enjoyable game with varying levels of difficulty alongside several articles offering tips and tricks about the Texas Hold'em variant of the game.

Other websites with free poker elements include the famous money-based website PokerStars.net, which features considerable training and practice areas, and even free tournaments - and FreePoker.org, which has a large community of fans to play and chat with.

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