Learn how to play poker for free online

A Site for Sore Eyes

Boasting over 30 million members, PokerStars has earned its reputation as the world's largest site by introducing more people to the classic card game than anyone else. If you want to play poker for free online its easy at PokerStars. With more free-to-play tables than any of their rivals, there is nowhere better than PokerStars to play this game of nerve and cunning in the digital age.

Back to School

For complete beginners, PokerStars has its very own Poker School where you can learn the basics and attain the knowledge that will stand you in good stead when you visit the tables for the first time. At Poker School you will learn the expressions that define the game and how to check, bet, raise, and fold. It's simple stuff but it's the basic foundation on which all great players build their game.

Rise Through the Ranks

The different rankings of the various hands is everything in poker and before you play poker for free online you'll need to memorise them all. PokerStars teaches you all you need to know from high card to royal flush.

One Game, Many Variations

PokerStars is also a great place to learn the intricacies of the different rules offered by the myriad of poker games on the market. Texas Hold'em is the poker game nearly everyone seems to favour, but there are many more out there and you'll need to know them all if you're to rise through the ranks and become the complete player capable of challenging the best the world has to offer.

Time to hit the Tables

Once you've studied the tutorials and read some of the hints and tips form the world's best known players, it's time to hit the tables and hopefully win big. Good luck!

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