Learn how to play poker online

Poker has enjoyed phenomenal growth in popularity in recent years. If you aren't part of the revolution, online or in social games, maybe you think that it's time you learned how to play poker.

It's not a difficult game to learn but it has infinite variations, subtleties and strategies, which explain its continued popularity. Head to the self explanatory website at learnhowtoplaypoker.org for a grounding in the basics.

This is a good starting place for absolute beginners, run by experienced poker players who love the game. It also offers handy reviews of poker books, recommendations for other poker websites and advice on all the accessories and equipment you need to set up a social game.

For a crash course in Texas Hold'em, the most popular poker game of all, visit www.tjpoker.com, where they will take you through all steps of the game from the initial deal, through each stage of the betting to the final showdown. The example tables demonstrate each stage of the gameplay in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

If you can play Texas, you can play at most online poker sites, but it can be fun to have some knowledge of the other poker variations including 5 card draw, Omaha and stud poker. Rules, history and background are available at pagat.com, the specialist card game website.

Learning the rules will only take you so far. The best way to get the game under your skin is to play poker, with friends or online. Try some free games at freepoker.org.

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