Are you looking to play online poker for free without any massive downloads?

If you are a poker buff, you should start playing online. Millions of people have joined the revolution and are having their shot at making a fortune from the comfort of their own homes! So where do you go to play online poker for free?

Well, you could always start by using Zynga poker and setting up your stack without even leaving your Facebook page! If Facebook isn't your thing, then what about Bebo, MySpace or Hi-5?

They allow you to track your friends so you can easily compare how you are doing against them. They have a leaderboard of the best players and sometimes offer some great prizes if you are good enough to top the list!

Or you could swing by Partypoker.com which is one of the best known poker sites out there. They have a new system now that allows you to play all of their tournaments without having to download their software.

This is excellent if you want to log onto it from different computers as you won't have to keep downloading the same software to every computer. Most web browsers are operating systems are supported.

If you are new to the game and fancy getting some practice in before you commit to the big players, drop on over to Thepokerpractice.com.

This site allows you to learn the many rules of the game against hundreds of other beginners. Learning to play on a major site might not be good for your confidence as some players on them sites are professional players and play the game 7 days a week for 16 hours per day!

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