Where's the best place to play online poker?

There are several places where you can play online poker, but one is the undisputed king of the poker sites. That honour goes to Pokerstars, which has by far the largest number of players, the biggest guaranteed tournaments and the most accessible software.

Pokerstars has over one million registered players and regularly has over 100,000 players playing online at one time. This has created the opportunity for multi-table tournaments with tremendous value. Many of the tournaments attract over 5000 players.

Multi-table tournaments are available for various stakes. They range in size from less than $1 to over $1000. The payout structure is the same for all tournaments. Players lucky enough to finish in the top 10 cent of the field earn money.

If you manage to just scrape into the money the payout is relatively small, and you only receive slightly more than you paid into the tournament. However, if you get lucky enough to actually win a tournament, you can expect around 15 per cent of the total prize pool.

Consider 5000 players paying $5 into a tournament, giving a prize pool of $25,000. First prize will be around the $4000 mark. For a stake of just $5, this is unbelievable value.

Admittedly, it's incredibly difficult to come first out of 5000 players. That's why many online poker players prefer sit and go tournaments. These tournaments are restricted to a certain number of players, and there are many options on Pokerstars, ranging from 6 to 180 players. While the reward might not be as high, the chances of winning are much greater.


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