Why poker fans love to play governor of poker

What is Governor of Poker?

In a nutshell, Governor of Poker involves you battling your way through virtual Texas Hold' em poker tournaments in a bid to make the big time. And when we say big time we mean big time! The aim of the game is to ruthlessly take all the players you play against to the cleaners, stripping them of their cash and property until you realise your dream and become the Governor of Poker and lord it over all of Texas.

Design and Theme of Governor of Poker

When you play Governor of Poker you take on a male or female role and battle it out against over a hundred different opponents. For extra spice the game is set in the old wild west and if you have what it takes you can win cash, fame, properties, transport assets and even titles as you make a fearsome name for yourself on poker tables up and down the land.  Poker fans love to play Governor of Poker because all the computerised opponents play like the real deal with their own unique styles, and the stunning 3D graphics make for some very detailed environments. The towns of the old west are beautifully rendered and populated by horse riding cowboys in ten-gallon hats. Let's face it if you're going to play Texas Hold' Em poker what better place than Texas?

Holding and Folding

Knowing when to hold them and when to hold them is the key to making a name for yourself in poker and when you play Governor of Poker the same rules apply. Play well and in next to no time you'll be buying up town after town with your winnings. If you really prove your worth on the card table you'll soon be realising the ultimate goal and playing a game against the current Governor in order to decide who is the right man to own Texas. Now get on your horse and ride to the nearest PC or iphone and get busy playing boy.

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