Ever feel like you want to play some free Texas Hold'em poker online?

Texas Hold'em Poker has taken online gaming to a new level. You can often be in a tournament with more than 20,000 players in it. The trick to playing online is to play free poker online before you open a real money account.

This ensures that you are used to how the software works and any mistakes you make won't be penalised by you losing a fortune! When you feel ready to play for real cash, you could win millions of American Dollars in some tournaments from as little as $1 by stepping into some of the major tournaments on during the year.

Pokerstars.com is the world's leaders for online poker tournaments. At peak times you will find over a quarter of a million people competing for their share of some massive prize pools.

You can download their software for free directly from their website and open up your play money account where you will receive your first 2,000 free chips. See how high you can work this up but don't worry if you lose it all as you can reload as often as you like.

Paddypowerpoker.com is another great poker site that is part of the iPoker network. The great thing about using this site is that you can download the iPoker software but if you prefer not to, you can simply play through their web browser as well.

Although not as big as Pokerstars, you will still find more than 10,000 people on the network most evenings and weekends. Download both now and you will have no problem finding tournaments to suit your style of play!

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