Find out how you can play online games for free, especially poker

Many people like to play online games for free, especially Hold'em Poker. Texas Hold'em is the newest and most popular version of the classic game that is Poker. Players bet, raise, re-raise, fold, bluff or bang in all their chips in the hope of taking down a monstrous pot.

If you are a new player or feel you aren't experienced enough to start playing online for real money, why not set up a play money account? You can do this on nearly every one of the major providers of online poker.

We'll start off by discussing the iPoker network. This is a combination of more than 20 European poker sites that all play under the one network on the same software. Although it lost popularity for some time, things are looking better again for the companies and there are now thousands of new players registered to the site.

You can set up your play money account or play in free roll tourneys as well as receive free welcome invitation tickets to some great tournaments. To start playing iPoker today, download the relevant software from any of the following sites:

  • Mansion.com
  • Paddypowerpoker.com
  • Boylesports.com

The biggest fish out there can be found at Pokerstars.com. They have been the leaders of the online poker world since the beginning and there software is unrivalled. Again, you can play for play money chips and use your FPP's to register into free tourneys where you could win a share of a big jackpot just for being a member! Can't beat that!

You can also play poker for real money online for discount rates with the Bwin poker bonus.

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