How to play against aggressive players

Having to play against aggressive players can be a real downer for those who love their poker. A poker bully can seem to be running over the entire table, distracting fellow players, taking down a fair percentage of pots without being challenged. However, advice is at hand that will soon eradicate any threat posed by aggressive poker players.

Easy ways to deal with aggressive poker players

There are various techniques which can be employed to boost your chances of success at the poker table. These cover everything from calculators that determine poker hand percentages, to the knowledge of how to play against those aggressive players.

One of the key things to be aware of is this. Playing against poker bullies may frustrating, even intimidating; but it can also work out as highly profitable.

Steps to take

One of the simplest methods of countering poker aggression is determing where you happen to be placed at the table. If it is at all possible, try and position yourself so that you end up seated to their right. This way you have the advantage of acting after him as often as possible.


Keep one eye on the aggressive player at all times. There are different types of these players. They might be an intelligent player who just loves being aggressive, or they might simply be far less cautious than the other players, and won't care about flashing their money.

Watch what happens during big hands. Does he indulge in 'slow play', in order to try and entice bets? If this guy is playing his mediocre hands in a cavalier way, while being much slower with his big hands, then you'll be able to read his game easily.

There are other ways to easily spot an aggressive player's gaming patterns. They'll usually bet or raise drawing hands, on the basis that if their draw comes through, they have a chance of winning the pot. Other players will only check-raise on a draw; others, unafraid of a call, bet smaller amounts.

In a way, because an aggressive player's actions are more exaggerated than anyone else makes him easier to second-guess.

Other tips for combatting aggressive players

Don't get sucked into butting heads with an aggressive player. Far better to wait for a good hand, one that makes money, especially if you are playing No Limit poker. When it comes to play against aggressive players, remember there are other players round the table, all of whom will be equally determined in outwitting the bully. But don't get too hung up on extracting the aggressive player's money, as you might drop your guard against the others.

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