Parx Casino Poker Tournaments

The popular Parx poker tournaments -- both no-limit Texas Hold-'Em -- are held weekly on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Weekly Tournaments

The Tuesday tournament begins at 7 p.m., with a $100 buy-in, $20 blinds and 10,000 starting chips. The Saturday tournament begins at 2 p.m. with a higher $200 buy-in, $20 blinds and 10,000 starting chips.

Special Events for Parx Regulars

The Parx casino likes to reward its regulars with special events, games and exclusive Parx poker tournaments. One such example is a high stakes poker tournament with a guaranteed $100,000 jackpot, accessible to Parx members who log more than 100 hours of poker on their Xclub card over a certain period of time leading up to the event.

High Stakes Special Events

The Parx is often host to special events with guaranteed, high level jackpots -- $500,000 for example. As you would expect, the buy-in for these high stakes events is in excess of a thousand dollars. Often the main event will be part of a series of smaller tournaments, so players who cannot afford the higher stakes prices can still take part in the action and excitement.


Parx is very active on Twitter and is happy to respond directly to customer questions and inquiries. The Twitter handle is @parxpokerroom.

Stay in contact with the Parx Casino and find out all the information about upcoming Parx poker tournaments, unexpected cancellations, registration details and more. Parx has been known to post sneak peeks of the jewellery being given to winners.

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