Where to Find a Free Online Parlay Odds Calculator

Anyone who's been around a little in the online sports betting world will know that combined bets means higher odds, and higher odds means bigger winnings.  A parlay odds calculator is the perfect tool to help you work out your winnings on a parlay bet, and can help you see at a glance how much you can expect to win.

The only condition with a parlay bet is that all selections must win or tie, and if any of your selections lose you lose your entire stake.  If one or more of the bets are postponed, cancelled, or ties the payout reverts to the next lowest payout.  If let's say you've bet a five team parlay and four of these win and one ties, you get paid out for a four team parlay. In the UK this type of bet is often referred to as an accumulator bet, and the conditions or rules are exactly the same.

http://www.vegasinsider.com/parlay-calculator/ has two parlay odds calculators, a fixed odds calculator and a true odds calculator.  It also offers a quick and easy explanation of when to use which calculator.

http://www.parlaycalculator.com/also features an easy-to-use parlay odds calculator, and the clean design and layout of the site makes it a pleasure to use.

http://www.sbrforum.com/betting-tools/parlay-calculator/ It's easy to see how using online parlay calculators can make your betting experience easier! With these free calculators you'll never be left guessing, ever again.

All these calculators can be used free of charge, for an unlimited amount of calculations.  So if you need to work out parlay bets on a regular basis, you'll be spoilt for choice!


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