Paddy Power Poker Tournaments Rules

Paddy Power offers one of the internet's safest and, with over $10 million in guarantees, potentially one of most profitable online poker venues. A wide range of cash games, tournaments and live poker events are offered. If you’re interested in playing for fun or for profit, what are the Paddy Power Poker tournaments rules?


Before you play you will have to deposit. No matter where you logon from, all poker is played in US dollars and is paid out at a fixed exchange rate. Cheques and cash are accepted via the Paddy Power shop network, but most users pay with credit or debit card transactions. In general, all winnings are withdrawn in the same way as they were deposited.

Game types

If you’ve made a deposit, which versions of the game can you enjoy? Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Stud Poker are offered at most buy-in levels. The majority of tables offered are low to medium Hold’em tables, but promotions regularly offer seats at the top poker tournaments.


From the lobby, players can gain access to all scheduled tournament that remain open for registration. Unless you are already at your maximum of eight tables, you will gain automatic entry to the table. Unlike cash games, blinds can’t be missed and they increase regularly as the tournament progresses. During the tournament, players will be automatically re-seated at different tables by the software which closes tables until the final table is reached.


Paddy Power Poker tournaments rules are listed in full on their website - http://poker.paddypower.com/tournaments/tournament-rules-payouts - which also offers guidance to new players.

Final word

Whether you're a poker pro or a new player to the game, Paddy Poker could offer you a chance to make some money. The Paddy Power Poker Tournaments rules can be studied before you play, but with most online poker games, playing the game is the best way of learning the rules.

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