Top Class Online Poker Rooms for Mac Users

There are plenty of options out there on the web for online poker rooms for Mac users. Online poker is developing at a rate of knots and it is not always essential to install software to play anymore. We have researched the best three places to play online poker on your Mac.

Mac Poker Sites

Up until very recently, Mac owners have had a much harder time when it comes to playing poker on the internet. Poker sites developed software mainly for Windows users and there was a dearth of online poker rooms available for Mac users. In the last couple of years, this has changed dramatically as the number of Mac users in the world has exploded.

Pacific Poker offers online poker in a web browser format that allows you to play top class poker on your Mac. The web interface has been designed especially for Mac users and you can play all of your favourites like Texan Hold 'Em, Omaha, 7-card Stud. For new users, there is a $400 sign up bonus on offer to get you started. There is also a 3D poker experience available to Mac users.

Paddy Power Poker also offer a web based application called Instant poker. You can log in on any browser on your Mac and get seated at a number of highly competitive tables relatively hassle free. Alternatively, here is a cool $600 bonus available to new users. Instant poker is also compatible with Linux operating systems.

Finally, Pokerstars have an option to download their poker app for Mac operating systems. Once installed, you just log in using your account details and choose your table as seamlessly as you would on a Windows based machine. If you are a new user then Pokerstars have a number of welcome bonuses on offer to you also.

Call or Fold?

With these three options you should now have no trouble in accessing online poker rooms for your Mac. All three sites offer first class poker games and the competition is of a high standard. There are plenty more sites available on Mac too as the online poker world begins to react to the amount of Mac users out there these days.

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