Reasons to play online poker

It is clear that online poker has become a giant in the online gaming world. It is the number one played game and with good reason, it just works! A lot of other games have tried desperately to get on the online gaming band wagon but for some reason their games just don't seem to translate as well. Poker works, why? Well here's just a few reasons to help convince you.

1. No Pay to Play: This is a great way of keeping the game fun. While there are many gambling websites there is also a lot of no pay to play websites. These are websites where you earn virtual chips but they do not cost you anything. The better you are at the game the more chips you will earn and vice versa. This is a great way of keeping the skill element of the game high, while also maintaining the enjoyment.

2. Virtual Dealer: For people that are new to poker it can be way to daunting to just jump onto a real poker table where all the eyes are directly on you. When you are at a PC you have plenty of time playing behind closed doors to get your skill and confidence level up. You can always hook up a webcam when you want to move to the next stage.

3. Speed: One of the reasons people keep coming back is the ability to jump in and out of games. Instead of setting up everything and then playing for hours, you can simply jump in for a couple of hands. People at work can now play a few hands on their break. People at the bus stop do a round before the bus arrives. This really is one of the key reasons that people just can't get enough of online poker.

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