The official online poker rankings

The official online poker rankings website is a great database which stores the best players data and statistics from several poker websites including Poker Stars and Party Poker. The website is a great tool for poker players and many aspire to one day reaching the top of the rankings for their specific site. With millions of people who now play real money poker games online, being top of the leaderboard is inevitably a great honour for the player who achieves it and one that rivaling opponents will be looking to better.

When you click on a players name, you can see not just their earnings, but their history in each game they have played and the total winnings they earned from that specific encounter. The competitive player could analyse their own stats to establish what kind of form they are on and see how many wins and second position places they have secured in their time playing online.

Officialpokerrankings.com is the website to visit to see this data and who knows, maybe you aren't playing as badly as you thought you were and you may establish you are a lot higher up the leaderboard than envisaged. It's also a fun way to have a bit of friendly competition with your friends as you can establish who is performing the best and spark a bit of competitiveness amongst you and your peers.

The website is excellent regardless of your skill level, the data they provide will inevitably help your game and also is a fun, organised way to keep track of your results.

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