Highlights of the NPF 2011 poker calendar

The Newcastle Poker Forum (NPF), dedicated to poker promotion in the Newcastle area, is a project started in 2008, and still run by, a father and son team.

Newcastle has had an active poker playing population for a long time, and the founders and administrators Scott and Dave Collins felt that it was necessary to give this community some sort of centralised representation, to communicate and more coherently organise poker games together.

The forum is centred around its website at newcastlepoker.com, where the 1000+ members meet to discuss games and events.

As well as discussing lots of private games and pub poker tournaments, the NPF website lists poker schedules at three local venues: Aspers Casino, Circus Casino and G Casino, all of which have poker games every evening (but for the absence of Saturdays at Circus Casino) each with different rules in play.

Aside from these regular daily and weekly games, however, the NPF features poker competition of greater magnitude and excitement. Perhaps the biggest highlight of the 2011 calendar is the visit of the PokerStars UKIPT tournament.

The event commences on the 16th June and finishes on 20th July, featuring a main tournament with a buy in of £500. While this is too expensive for most players, it provides an exciting game to watch, and there are lots of side events with buy ins starting at £50. All of the events are held at the aforementioned Aspers Casino.

Another major 2011 event is the annual Newcastle Poker Forum UK Team Challenge, in which teams compete at the G Casino after a buy in of £550, shared among the team. All team members are required to wear uniforms, for differentiation and team spirit. This event will be held on 30th April and 1st May.

The NPF poker players are also represented in various other tournaments around the UK. A list of these events can be found at newcastlepoker.com/uk-live-poker-tournament-schedule-2011/.

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