Nottingham Poker Tournament Details

There are a number of Nottingham poker tournament events that take place, all of which tend to be held at the Dusk Till Dawn poker club, located close to the industrial park of the city.

The Dusk Till Dawn casino attracts many poker enthusiasts through its doors every year, from unknowns looking to break into the scene, to seasoned professionals who have already made a name for themselves on the international circuit.

The venue itself hosts a number of Nottingham poker tournaments, from the relatively low-key Super 50 £7500 GTD and APAT WCOAP Heads Up tournaments, to more high-brow, higher stakes events such as the Grand Prix £250,000 event, which attracts a considerable number of entrants each year. The casino also hosts amateur-friendly daily poker tournaments.

Tournaments Held at the Casino

Aside from running its own branded tournaments, the casino has also plays host to several key poker tournaments, such as the Nottingham leg of the UKIPT (UK and Ireland Poker Tour).

The casino has seen a number of famous players walk through its doors and win big, including British champions Christopher Brammer and  Michael Hill, as well as Irish champions Owen Robinson and Chris Dowling.

The Dusk Till Dawn venue allows poker players to buy-in to tournaments via a number of means. At the club, players can choose to buy-in directly to events by credit/debit card or by electronic funds transfer. Alternatively, players can buy-in to tournaments online at the Dusk Till Dawn website, using their credit/debit card or, alternatively, via any online account credits they may have accrued on the venue’s website. The Dusk Till Dawn venue is always the premium choice for Nottingham poker tournament venues.

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