Three of the Newest Online Poker Sites of 2011

It seems that new poker sites are springing up all the time - some with more success than others. Can any of the newest online poker sites compete with established sites like Poker Stars, Bodog and 888 Poker? Read on to find out.

We have surveyed the market and chosen the three best sites out of all of the newest online poker sites to evolve in 2011. These three sites are WSOP Poker, Sky Poker and Winner Poker. They all have different strengths and weaknesses. See which one you think is best:

  • WSOP Poker (poker.wsop.com). This World Series of Poker is probably the game's most high-profile worldwide event, and in 2011 it introduced its own contribution to the online market. All it takes is a quick download, installation and registration, all of which should take just a few minutes. There is a great variety of competitions available all through the day and night, and offer a 100% bonus of up to £500. Being operated by industry-leader Caesar's Entertainment, WSOP Poker has great service standards, and you are unlikely to experience any problems.  A comfortable 9/10.
  • Sky Poker (skybet.com). Unlike most serious online poker sites, Sky Poker does not demand any download, and instead can be navigated using a Java client. Backed by British broadcasting behemoth Sky, Sky Poker has the exciting benefit that some of its games are sometimes featured on live television. There are lots of guaranteed daily tournaments, but the site can seem quite sparsely populated outside of peak hours. This might, however, be down to its relatively recent origins, and perhaps it will build in time. A solid 8/10.
  • Winner Poker (poker.winner.com). Although Winner Poker was established, on the iPoker network, in 2009, it has been revamped and re-marketed in 2011 and warrants inclusion in this review. Supplying entertaining tournaments 24 hours every day, Winner Poker is already gaining recognition as one of the best poker sites online. One of the secrets of its success is the level of customisation and analysis it allows its customers: you can track your own statistics to exquisite detail, create a personal avatar, and even choose the style of your card decks. A fulfilling 9/10.

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