Nevada online casino opens doors to legal Internet gambling in the US

Nevada has become the first state in the US to roll out regulations and systems that govern real-money online gambling. Residents of the state are now allowed to play poker for money through the Nevada online casino. This comes after legislation allowing online poker was signed into law on February, 2013. As the first state in the country to legalise online gambling, the state assumes the role of pace setter for the future of online poker in North America.

Internet gambling

Authorities expect to generate billions of dollars from the online gambling industry in Nevada. In an interview touching on the bill that legalised online gaming in the state, state assemblyman and sponsor of the bill William Horne said,

“Online gaming is a multibillion dollar industry. We've been missing out for years on that revenue and we hope to start benefitting from it.”

The new online gaming legislation also makes provisions for Nevada to negotiate online gambling agreements with other states to further boost expected profits from the industry. An estimated 10 million Americans play online poker, but do so on websites that are based outside the US. This means federal and state authorities hardly get any money from online gaming activities.

The opening of the Nevada online casino and introduction of gambling license fees, however, is aimed at helping authorities to tap into the billions of money generated in internet gaming industry.

Stringent gambling regulations

The Nevada online casino will initially only allow online poker. Players must be aged at least 21 and residents of the state to participate. Nevada Gaming Control Board issued its first licence to Ultimatepoker.com, which can now legally compete for customers.

While all these new developments and regulations are appreciated and a move in the right direction for the gaming industry in Nevada, regulations for online gambling at the national level remains in a wait-and-see mode. A federal bill that sought to legalise online gambling across the country failed to pass in congress last year. Efforts to push for the bill are still underway.

Moving forward

Nevada online casino could learn a thing or two from the UK, which is considered a leader in gambling regulations. Online gambling sites in the UK are required to verify player’s identities, link and provide support for addicts. As it stands, Nevada only has Delaware to look up to as the only other state in the US that has legalised online gambling. New Jersey is expected to legalised online gambling soon.

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