Vegas Starts Here: Mirage Poker Tournaments

Poker insiders know that the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas is the place to go for top rated entertainment. Named the "best poker room in Vegas" by Las Vegas Weekly, the Mirage poker tournaments provide hours of high stakes entertainment.

Located immediately opposite the main cashier's cage, the poker area is at the heart of the action in the centre of the casino floor. Different poker games are available round the clock, and in addition to sit-n-go poker, the Mirage offers daily poker tournaments twice a day. Both tournaments are no-limit Texas Hold-'Em games for you to set the stakes as high as you like.

The first tournament of the day begins at 11:00 a.m. Buy-in costs $60, with 5,000 tournament chips and levels increasing every 20 minutes.

The evening tournament starts at 7:00 p.m. Buy-in is the same price -- $60 -- with 5,000 chips and 20-minute levels. The casino boasts that 1 in 7 players will cash in the money!


Don't be intimidated by the seasoned players -- Mirage poker tournaments are accessible to all levels from beginners on up. The hotel even provides complimentary poker lessons for guests to sharpen their skills. The hotel is more than happy to teach group lessons so that your entire party can become familiar with the game.

Due to the popularity of the Mirage poker tournaments, registration is available beginning 90 minutes prior to the tournament. Interested players are advised to sign up in advance to be sure of a spot. For more information, detailed poker rules or general questions, call the poker room at 001702 791 7291.


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