Where to Find Daily Miami Poker Tournaments

If you're a poker player looking for Miami poker tournaments you're in for a treat. Thepokeratlas.com lists one featured casino for daily tournaments and this is the Calder Casino Poker room.  Tournaments are held twice daily at 11 AM, and 7:00 PM. The buy in for the morning tournament is $40, and for the evening tournament it is $75. Both of these tournaments are NL Hold'em tournaments.

Reviews for this casino are less than glowing, so if you'd prefer to play elsewhere there's also the option of the Magic City Casino poker room, the MiamiJai-Alai, and the Miccosukee. Clicking on the links on the left hand side of the screen will give you more information on each venue. The Magic City Casino, for instance, has a full tournament schedule on the site, with minimum buy-in and tournament types listed. The casino also has 18 poker tables, and is open from 12 PM to 4 AM on a daily basis. If you'd like more information you can visit the official website, or give them a call on the handy telephone number provided. If you check out each of the other sites listed on thepokeratlas.com you're sure to find one you'd enjoy playing at.

Once you've tried a venue head on back to the site and leave a review, since this will help other players know where to go for the best daily poker tournaments in Miami. The larger the review databases, the easier it will be to find ethical and pleasant poker venues. You can also find a live bwin poker blog,news,videos and more on bwin's super website, which is well worth a visit.


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