Mix it Up with Mexican Sweat Poker

Playing your usual games of Texas Hold Em and Omaha can leave you longing for a change. Mexican sweat poker has been growing in popularity lately and could be ready to explode in the same way that Texas Hold Em did all those years ago. We guide you through the rules on how to play.

Play by the Rules

Mexican sweat poker is not too difficult to play. After the ante, seven cards are dealt face down to each player and you are not allowed to look at the cards. Next, one card is dealt face up on the table. The first player in the betting then flips over their top card and this card becomes the highest card in the game.

This kickstarts the first round of betting and once everyone has bet it is the second players turn to flip over their top card. If this card turns out to be higher than the first players top card then a second round of betting commences. if it is lower than the first players card then the player flips over their next card or each subsequent card until it is higher than the first persons card. If, in the progress of this, a player flips a pair then this doubles the minimum bet.

Also, if the first card you flip over matched the card on the table then you must fold. If a player gets through all seven of their cards and cannot beat the current high card then they automatically fold and play moves on to the next player. The game then ends when all cards have been flipped or at the showdown one player shows the best 5 card hand.

If you are not In, you can't Win

Mexican sweat poker is a nice variation of poker and can spice up your poker night with your friends. Betting is nice an regular as it occurs after a player flips a better hand so there is always a bit of action to be found. It takes some time to get used to it but after a few games you will be well able for it.

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