Fantastic Macau poker tournaments

There are fantastic Macau poker tournaments. Poker players from Asia and the rest of the world are flocking to this old Chinese coastal town. Macau is an old Portuguese colony and was repatriated to China in 1999. It has its own government and currency.

Until 2002 there was a monopoly on casinos in Macau. However since then the government has been handing out gaming licenses. Famous Las Vegas casino operators like Wynn, Sands and MGM Grand have opened up resorts in Macau. It is now the biggest gambling city in Asia.

The government allowed Texas Holdem in 2008 and since then the number of tables and tournaments have steadily increased. However, it was Pokerstars arrival in Macau that created a poker boom. Pokerstars opened its live poker room at the Grand Waldo Casino in Macau and they now have daily multi tournaments. They have guaranteed prize pools of up to $75,000.

The Macau Poker Cup Series is held four times per year and is considered to be Asia’s premier regional poker event, with huge prize pools on the line. You can qualify for Macau poker events through satellites on Pokerstars. The Asian Poker Tour is also arriving in Macau with a buy in of HKD30,000. It is being held in the Casino Grand Lisboa, Macau.

Poker is a rising star in Macau and this years Macau Poker Cup received a record number of entrants. The game has unlimited potential in Macau and it really is becoming the"Vegas of the East".


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