London Poker: Tournaments of 2010

There always has been and always will be a vibrant poker scene in London, and that means plenty of poker tournaments. 2010 was a year of high-octane poker action, with a number of high-profile players cashing in on the high stakes tournaments, not to mention a number of amateur players making a name for themselves.

Major 2010 Poker Tournaments

In 2010, London played host to one of the biggest poker events on the planet, the European Poker Tour (EPT), during the UK leg of season 7. That year it broke the record of attracting an immense field of 730 players at the Main Event, which took place at the Hilton London Metropole casino. In that event, David Vamplew was crowned the champion and walked away a staggering £900,000 richer. Incidentally, more UK poker players have won the EPT than any other nation.

In November 2010, poker pro Liv Boeree opened the Poker in the Park games in London. The event, which offers free admission and buy-ins, hosts a number of poker tournaments within its poker tent. Professional card dealers are on hand and allow beginner poker players the chance to get a feel of playing in a high-stakes poker tournament.

London is home to many casinos, all of which host a number of high-brow tournaments on a regular basis. Casinos such as Casino at the Empire, Fox Poker Club and Victoria Casino all ran events in 2010, many of which attracted seasoned poker professionals from across the globe. There is never a short supply of events in London; poker tournaments in 2010 were no exception.

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