Live poker tournaments in London

Live poker tournaments in London are a great way to see a side of poker that you rarely get to see. You can sit back and study the professionals as they play while enjoying a stress free outside perspective.

It can be so intense when you are playing poker that sometimes you wish you could just watch what's going on. Well, going to poker events live is the very best way to do this, it's also a lot of fun.

UKIPT Edinburgh 2011: The main tour will kick off in August and Luton is host to leg 4 of the GUKPT. Friday 19th August you can catch this great three day event live in Luton. This will be an amazing with some of the best plays in the UK taking part.

The tourney will have a main event buy in of £1000 + £70. This event always brings the crowds and the atmosphere is always amazing. There is also a great event taking place for players of all skill levels so you can even jump in for a couple of hands. For all the relevant info hit up the ukpokerplayer.co.uk website.

Grosvenor Victoria Casino: Grosvenor always host great tournaments daily. In the month of August look out for the Saturday night Texas Hold Em event. It is for amateurs and professionals alike and there is always room for casual observers.

With a £50 buy in the games are always fast and entertaining. It all kicks of Saturday the 6th of August at 19.45. For more information check out the whatsonpoker.co.uk website.

There you have it, some great live poker tournaments in London for you to check out.

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