Live Poker Tournaments in Las Vegas

Poker fans looking to experience the thrills of live poker tournaments in Las Vegas have plenty of options. Well, what else would you expect from the world’s gambling capital? From daily, low-stakes tournaments, to high-stakes million-dollar life-changing events – Las Vegas has it all.

Low Buy-Ins

While Vegas may be the capital of gambling, beginner poker players (or those simply wishing to enjoy some lower-stakes gaming) have plenty of low-stakes tournaments from which to choose. Poker rooms such as Imperial Palace, Sam’s Town, Poker Palace, Harrah’s, Hardrock, Excalibur and Fitzgeralds all offer tournaments with low buy-ins. Daily tournaments from as low as $25 per game are available in these venues.

Middle Buy-Ins

Poker players with a bit more experience and a higher bankroll also have plenty of tournaments to consider during their stay in Vegas. Poker Rooms such as Luxor, Orleans, Bally’s, Caesars Palace, Aliante Station, Binion’s, and MGM Grand all host slightly higher-stakes tournaments. Players looking for poker tournaments in Las Vegas with a slightly higher buy-in should head to these poker rooms, where games range from $50 to around $150 per tournament.

High Buy-Ins

Poker players with a higher bankroll who fancy playing at the higher stakes should head to poker rooms such as M Resort, Wynn, Aria, Venetian or Palms. Buy-ins for daily tournaments here can start from around $150 and go up to around $350.  However, for some of the highest stakes live poker tournaments in Las Vegas, players will find nowhere more exclusive than the Bellagio, where buy-ins can start at a whopping $540 – good luck!

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