Las Vegas Poker Tournaments in February 2011

It goes without saying that Las Vegas is a hub of gambling, with thousands of poker players passing through the city on a weekly basis. Las Vegas poker tournaments in February 2011 were certainly in no short supply – a great number of poker events took place, and millions of dollars-worth of chips were exchanged on the felt. Here is a run down of two of the big tournaments that took place in the city in February, 2011.

The Raise Your Hand For Africa poker tournament took place on the 18th and 19th of February 2011. The event, which featured the likes of Arizona Cardinals player Larry Fitzgerald, Vikings’ Adrian Peterson, and a whole host of other sporting celebrities, was hosted to raise money for a number of African causes. Poker legend Phil Hellmuth also showed up to play a few hands. The event took place at the Golden Nugget.

Of all the Las Vega Poker Tournaments, perhaps the most notable was the 2011 Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza. While this event kicked-off in January, the bulk of the events took place throughout February, and saw a total of 29 events run through until the 23rd February. Buy-ins in this tournament varied considerably, with the lower events starting at $340, and the final event having a hefty buy-in of $2,500. The final event saw poker player Ethan Foulkes walk away with the spoils, bagging a life-changing sum of $149,078. Indeed, Las Vegas poker tournaments in February, 2011 were certainly eventful.

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