Las Vegas poker tournaments in 2011

There are so many great Las Vegas poker tournaments in 2011 that it can be hard to decide on which you want to take part in. While there are lots, there are only a stand out few. Here's a couple of the very bets Poker Tournaments that Vegas has to offer.

Caesars Palace: One of the best loved casio/hotels in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace is the place to be every Saturday and Sunday. They host great tournaments with a $235 max buy in. There is big money at stake here so you need a decent knowledge of poker to win on these tables.

Each tourney normally lasts around 7-8 hours with max attendance of 50 people. These are big games with some of the best players around playing regularly. Caesars Palace is one of the most iconic buildings in Vegas and the perfect place to play some serious poker.

Orleans: If you are looking for something a little less intense try out the Friday nightly tournament in Orleans. With a max buy in of $125 this No Limit Hold'em is the perfect game for semi-pros. There is a lot of cash to be one but the level isn't as high as the tourney in Caesars Palace.

They host these tournaments to around 120 people and the it normally finishes within 6 hours. Orleans is the perfect blend of difficulty and relaxed atmosphere. It is not as demanding but there is still some great cash to be one.

For more information on these tournaments hit up the cardplayer.com website and check out the listings. Here you will find all of the events that are taking place in the coming months.

There you have it, two amazing Las Vegas poker tournaments in 2011!

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