Are You Looking For a Daily Las Vegas Poker Tournament Calendar?

Poker players the world over are streaming to Las Vegas to take part in the poker tournaments offered there. The city is fast becoming a poker Mecca, and if you're someone who considers yourself to be a serious poker player, you'll have to attend at least one poker tournament in this city. A Las Vegas poker tournament calendar will make it easy to see what's going on and where to go, and one site lists a massive number of poker tournaments in Las Vegas. Let's see what's happening?

pokertournamentformula.com has an extensive poker tournaments listing section, and it covers tournaments from all over America, and even online poker tournaments. If you navigate to the Las Vegas tournaments section, http://www.pokertournamentformula.com/las_vegas_poker_tournaments.htm, you'll find that tournaments are organized according to the days of the week. This makes it easier than ever to find somewhere to play on a specific day. Let's look at what's going on in Las Vegas?

The Monday Las Vegas tournament chart lists a massive 43 casinos where you can play no limit Hold'em tournaments! The chart also shows you the starting time of the tournament, the buy-in, whether rebuys are allowed, add-ons, bonuses, total cost, and total chips. There are additional sections that cover blind minutes, patience and skill levels. These three sections are important if you're using the website owner's poker strategy guide. It's a way to make fast money playing poker in short tournaments.

If you don't own the guide, don’t worry! You can still make use of the hoards of information at this site, and you'll always know where to go if you're in the mood for a little poker.

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