Get stuck into a game right now with these instant play poker sites

These days time is everything, and many people simply can't afford to be waiting around for software to download and install before playing a couple of quick hands of poker. If you're dedicated to the game then you'll appreciate just how quickly the mood can take you to settle in for a few games before heading out for the evening. For that reason instant play poker sites are becoming more and more popular lately.

Unlike other poker sites which require you to download and install programs that can often be quite big (which isn't ideal if you have a slow internet connection, or are running low on your monthly bandwidth), these instant play poker sites let you simply load up the page, log in and get down to business.

While it used to be quite difficult to find sites like this, they are now starting to crop up all the time, so we have decided to create the ultimate list for you in order to keep you up to date with the way things stand right now.

We'll start by taking a look at Paddy Power's online poker. You can find this exclusively at paddypowerpoker.com/online-poker/flash-client and as long as you already have a Flash client installed on your computer, it's simply a case of clicking the Instant Play button and away you go. You'll need a Paddy Power account in order to play this game, but you can register in under a minute at the same link.

Alternatively, you could give Victor Chandler Poker a try. Accessible from victorchandler.com/vcpoker/en-gb/one-thousand-euros this site also offers a welcome bonus of up to €1,000!

The other major options on the table include;

  • Party Poker - partypoker.com/anywhere
  • Ladbrokes - ladbrokes.com/ast?action=go_assetaff_id=31219&asset_id=538
  • Bodog - poker.bodoglife.com/welcome/2968484/features/instant-play.html
  • Sky Poker - skybet.com

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